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Magma Duel progressing..

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Got plenty of work done on Magma Duel tonight. Fixed a number of bugs, added the beginning of network support, and a few headaches on the scoring system.

I had a particularly nasty time getting the scoring screen to fade in properly. You see, Magma Duel wasn't coded in a very 'clean' fashion, so there are many hacks throughout the code. This makes for a lot of difficulty when I haven't touched the code in 9 months and have forgotten where the hacks are. Let's just say that I'm glad the nightmare is over. ;) Sure, more messes will be made, but that's what programming is all about!

Also had to rewrite the 'Switch Places' powerup, since it only originally accounted for swapping locations of Player 1 and Player 2. Now it swaps the acquirer of the powerup with a random (alive!) player. Previously you could swap places with a player who had fallen into the magma, thus killing yourself instantly. I feel much better now that that one's out of the way. :)

You can see the online play starting to take form in its basic stages:

And of course my proud scoring system, showing myself (Mr. Red) kicking the butts of the mindless dummy characters. Woot!

If anyone is interested in offering their aid in helping me test the network play (as it develops), give me a poke. :)
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