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I've been thinking about writing an essay about the role of a producer and the importance of that role for small independent game shops. I hadn't decided until just now. I received a request earlier to provide exactly this information. So, I will oblige. It's also an added benefit that I'm taking a writing course this trimester and I'm sure I can use the essay at some point for that course.

As for the game, we're still learning about the features of the new game engine. All of us are extremely impressed thus far with its abilities. We're targeting a proof of concept by this weekend. Then we're going to do the redesign.

I would like to work on it tonight, but I have two papers due tomorrow. One is already written but I want to rewrite it. The other is a compare and contrast and I'm still debating the subject. The three ideas I have in my head to argue at the moment are, "Should P2P Network Hosts be Responsible for the Data Traded by its Software's Users?" "Has the Microsoft Monopoly Become Beneficial?" or "The Question of Open Source". I'm not too passionate about any of these subjects. Maybe I can come up with something new by 3:00 PM today. That is my cutoff for choosing a subject and writing on it.
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