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I'm back (not that you noticed I'd gone)

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Hey all

The Story So Far...
God, its been a long...long time since I put anything into my journal.
I've been quite busy just getting stuff for college sorted out in the past few months and havn't really had the time and/or motivation to work with my game engine.

However, i've had my first few weeks at college for the foundation year before uni-proper and I'm really enjoying it (granted, i'm wishing I had actually turned up to my last year of A-Levels a bit more since I would be AT uni by now if I had). That aside I have a good bunch of mates at college now and will try and keep them as mates since we are all going into Halls of Residence next year at Sussex Uni.

Now I'm finally settled I'm getting back into programming and into my game engine.
I think the reason for me not working on the engine is because I have come to the ever fun obstacle of collision detection. I'm diving and taking no prisoners; I will get my characters bouncing off the walls (...in a good way).
After that I plan on getting the lighting a bit better and starting on a basic scripting language. again. Also I have in my mind to refine the map format a bit and add more flexability.

In Other News
An e-mail caught my eye today and guess what...? I love the new look to gamespot; everything is just a few clicks away. They have made it look far more professional and the integrated player looks sweet. A bit better than Windows Media Player style buttons. Fresh Tuesday is quite informative for a quick overview of the latest happenings of out mad-cap industry.

On the downside are Gregg Kasavin's awful sarcasm/quips/jokes on the redesign overview video. Have rotten tomatoes at the ready[wink]

I also got 'My First Car'- its a Ford KA that came with an OldSkool tape deck for a sound system. Blink and you'd miss how quickly i replaced that a Kenwood CD/MP3 player and Fusion Sub and Amp. I can pretty much roll my car from the vibrations.


peace out y'all

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