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I've been thinking about playing with some HDR rendering lately. Unfortunately, my current video card, which is one of the original Radeons isn't happy with that. (Fortunately I'm no longer really a PC gamer so the age of my card isn't really an issue when playing games.) So I'm considering getting a Shuttle PC as an upgrade. Unfortunately the product line I'm interested, their quiet PC series, comes only with integrated video thats the equivalent of the Radeon 9000. Still a step up from my current card, but unless I'm completely reading the data wrong, it doesn't play quite nicely with HDR.

The thing is my current backup source control server seems to be unhappy, so I want to turn my current computer into the backup system. Right now it's configured with a RAID 0 array. I believe I can reconfigure it with RAID 1 and then shove in the corner where it will just act as a file server. So just upgrading the video card isn't an option I want to pursue now. Actually, I want to take this a step further and remove some of the more power hungry components and replace the power supply with something a little quieter.

Decisions, decisions. Fortunately the longer I'm indecisive the more likely it is that prices will go down. Unfortunately that's also more time for my current systems to die.

In unrelated news, I bought a new sketchbook today. I was using a Strathmore sketchbook with 60lb paper, which is reasonable considering I prefer to use pencils in the 7H to 9H range (yes, I'm a freak). But I'm trying out a new sketchbook with 50lb paper. I'll see how that works out.
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