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Useful script?

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If you have a website of your own, you might want to have your journal on it. (I do [wink]).
This script can be used to generate a simple HTML document (such as this one!) containing a brief description of your recent entries, a title and a link to the item itself.

# Ben Ryves 2005.

$journal_id = 273102; # ID number of your journal.
$items = 8; # How many recent journal entries do you want?
$saved_page = 'journal.htm'; # Which page do you want to save the journal to?
$password = 'password'; # What's the password required to fire off an update?

if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {
if ($_POST['password']==$password) {
# Run the update script:
$handle = fopen($url,'r');
$writer = fopen($saved_page,'w');
if (!$handle) {
echo "

The RSS feed is not available at the moment - sorry.

} else {
global $cur_pos, $buffer;
$buffer = '';
while (!feof ($handle)) {
$buffer .= fgets($handle, 4096);
$cur_pos = strpos($buffer,"");
for ($i=0; $i<$items; ++$i) {
$title = get_between_text(""</span>,<span class="cpp-literal">"");
if ($title===false) break;
$link = get_between_text("","");
$description = html_entity_decode(preg_replace("#<(.*?)>#i","",get_between_text("","")),ENT_QUOTES);
$description = preg_replace("#<(.*)#i","...",$description);

$link\" target=\"_blank\">$title

echo "

$saved_page has been updated!

} else {
echo "

Invalid password: sorry!



Please enter your password:
"password" name="password" />
"submit" value="Go!" name="submit" />

function get_between_text($before, $after) {
global $buffer, $cur_pos;
$cur_pos = strpos($buffer, $before, $cur_pos);
if ($cur_pos===false) {
return false;
} else {
$e = strpos($buffer, $after, $cur_pos);
return substr($buffer, $cur_pos, $e-$cur_pos);


You need to set a password just to stop people from running the script (it's a pretty basic system). You'll also need to set the correct ID number. It's a very quick-and-dirty script, so if you have any problems with it give me a shout!
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Brilliant! I didn't think of using the GameDev RSS as a method of publishing data on an the site... Good one benny.

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