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Well I haven't written anything in this journal for several months and seeing as I'm paying for GDNet+ I may as well start using it [grin].

I've just started doing computer science at Cambridge university (Fitzwilliam college) which has been good so far, though I've only had one day of lectures so I don't know how bad the workload is going to get (apparently they really pile it on). Got my matriculation dinner tonight which should be good fun (Formal meal with decent free food and wine).

I've basically got 3 things I'm working on atm. The main one is the HL2 mod Realms of Valhallon, I used to be working on another mod called Valandil however that disappeared and various team members from it are now working on RoV. I'll refer you to the site to find out more about it (I don't know what's public and what's not so I won't talk about it here).

The second thing is what was a 4E4 entry (I saw was because it's only in the very early stages and there's absolutely no chance I'd get it in a fit state in time for 4E4). It's going to be a 2D platformer utilizing Physical to make a more interactive world. It's also gonna be using pixel shaders and what-not to give some nice graphics. I'm using DX to handle rendering/input/sound etc and wxWidgets to create an editor (I plan to integrate the game into the editor so you can play it from the editor which should makes certain things easier). There's a very unimpressive shot of what I've got so far below, as you can see it's a long way to go until I've got an actual game.

The third and final thing I'm working on in an operating system, I'm not actually expecting to produce anything usable or particularly noteworthy (I lack the time and experience to do so), it's just a little toy project as I'm quite interested in low level stuff and operating systems. Here's a screenshot of what I've got so far in BOCHS:

It does pretty much nothing currently, it doesn't even have keyboard driver yet (Those lines to do with the keyboard init are lying) though I have written a bit of code to put up a load of info when you press a key to do with what you pressed and the state of various keyboard things (The lines you see are a result of me pressing alt-print scrn). Oh and the 'GBOS' flashes between green and yellow, rather pointless and annoying but I just wanted to test a few things [smile].

Well that's it for now, next time I post it'll probably be about one of the projects listed above, either that or a rant about how they give us far too much work to do at uni [razz]
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