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Rules and progress..

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Rule #1: Don't update your devlog immediately after a coding session. You'll sound dull, vague, and tired. See below entry. :D Give yourself some time to regain consciousness, and allow your semicolon key on the keyboard to stop vibrating from its frequent usage. Aaaah, much better.

Yesterday I got a sack-of-onions worth of progress on Magma Duel. In fact, just about everything -- except online play -- has been implemented. Post-Round and Post-Game scores are completed and functioning flawlessly. The biggest pain was probably aligning all of the text properly so nothing was offsetted wrongly. If you spot an imperfection, let me know so I can rave about it, and my foolishness for not making a text-position-handling system originally:

In addition, my artist, Draffurd, has begun work on a new character sprite. That's right -- no more of my hideous programmer artwork will shame the screen! With all of their nifty (shaded!) colours, what isn't there to love?

And so work on online play will begin today. I'll be pulling on random people on MSN for the time being, and perhaps pester folks in #gamedev once it gets to a playable state to help me unveil bugs. ;)

(Note: These features aren't in the currently uploaded version. I'm waiting for online play to get done before bringing out the next release!)
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