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Code signing success!!!

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So, in order for the game to run off the web, we need to stick the code in a signed .jar file. This has been a loooong, painful learning process, involving a dozen websites, IE under Windows, FireFox under Linux, a host of obscure cryptography tools and a couple days of Bill and myself banging our collective heads on collective monitors. Whew! And that was just to get a valid PKCS #12 code signing auth certificate.

Another hour of trying this and that, and Bill got a signed jar going!

So now people can run it online! Awesome!!

If you have FireFox installed, Click here to try out our project!

Obviously, you'll have to click the security check box. That's my address in the certificate, so if anything bad happens, you can come beat me up.

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Recommended Comments

Hey, that's pretty nifty. The sinister laughter upon entering added some nice atmosphere. ;)

However, the weird graphics (that didn't move as I navigated across rooms) and all of the events happening without explanation or any real informative helpfiles ended up scaring me off. :P

I'm a big MUDder (or rather, I used to be), so I'll keep tabs on your devlog as this develops!

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Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate the feedback, but I'm unclear on what we could change to make your experience better? Did you have any ideas on what might things clearer for you?

Remember, its really a tool for building your own worlds. That dungeon is just an example of what could be done. Since just having a completely clean slate was even more bewildering to new people.

Thanks again,

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