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Bon Voyage!

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Greetings all,

As you might have noticed my posting of late has been, shall we say, infrequent.

With Morning's Wrath done, and a marketing campaign ahead I've been a little run down.

So there has been a lot running through my head lately, mostly to the tune of:

  • So what's next?
  • New engine? Same engine?
  • What is a good storyline?
  • When should I recruit new team members?
  • Do I really want to make another game?
  • Will this second game sell well?
  • What can I do to make this next endevour better?
  • Insert anxiety statements here

    So I have come to the conclusion that I need a vacation =)

    I need to clear my mind and live a 'normal' life for a little bit =)

    I estimate this vacation will be about 3 months (yeah right, like I could keep away that long =D)

    During this vacation I will think, I will day-dream, I will ponder, I will plan, I will read, I will write, I will have fun.

    And I WILL NOT, do ANY GAME DEVELOPMENT, save for my day job =)

    Think of this as a mental reboot for me, It is neccisary to take a step back and look at the last 3 years in a different light, and see where I am heading =)

    It is likely that I will still post here, maybe once a week or so, but this is just to let everyone know what is going on =)

    Anyhow, wish me luck, and hope that I find a more stable state of mind in the coming months =)

    and when I get back, it will be Game-On (oh the pun!)

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    Get that holiday in. However you see fit - take a break.

    I'm not necessarily in the same position as you, but the number of times I've just "disappeared" for a week (or two) and had NO contact with computers and really enjoyed it is amazing. You can easily come back with a new energy and drive for whatever comes next.

    Enjoy the break [wink]


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    Ahh Yes! A badly needed vacation indeed. Enjoy it and I hope you get some good ol` R&R out of it...

    Take care bud, and I'll see ya when I see ya.


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    Enjoy it, you have certainly deserved it after the three years you put into MW.

    How is it selling, if you don't mind me asking?
    Send a copy to PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World yet?

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    Be sure to drink lots and enjoy the rest of the summer!... Wait it's not summer anymore! Holy crap!!! I have classes!!!!

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