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And so it begins...

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Coaster Kev


How's everybody doing? I've finally broken down and bought myself GDNET+.

For a first post, let me tell you all a little about myself. I've been a member of GameDev for about 5 years. This site has taught me so much. I've been mostly a lurker, but I feel that must change. I need to give something back to the community, so I'll try my best to help out anyone here that needs it.

I'm a fourth year Computer Science student at Old Dominion Unversity (Norfolk, VA). I currently work with the City of Virginia Beach doing various IT related things, good money. I'm working towards my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), mostly because the boss is paying for it. I really don't see myself being a software engineer or programmer for a career. Who knows? That might change one day.

I've been programming since the age of 11, started with good old QBASIC. I taught myself from the help file! Next, I used Visual Basic. Later on, I graduated to C++. The one thing I love about C++ is that even though I've been using it for a long time, there is always something new to learn about the language. I believe this is probably the same with any language. I've dipped into various APIs, but never really concentrating on one. I hope to remedy this in the future.

So here I am. I'll post more to this journal as the time comes. I do have a game I'm developing, but more on that later.

BTW, when's a good time to be at #gamedev?
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Gawd bless you QBasic. Same story here except I learnt Turbo Basic. ah the memeories so many GOTOs, so little patience to actually finish any of my games.

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G'day. Huzzah for good ol' QBasic and it's many BASIC-variant buddy languages!

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QBasic was a blast. I remember hacking together an improved two-player version of that snake game; I think I managed to find a way to put in SoundBlaster effects as well; heaps of fun.

I've been lurking here on-and-off since 2001 as well. Nice to see you around!

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Thanks for all the replies! QBasic was indeed great. I think a lot of people take for granted what it really takes to learn how to program.

I think I will devote my first series of journals to how I learned how to program. There are a few good stories to tell.

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Welcome aboard!

I started with QBASIC, too, incidentally. Anyway, pop into #gamedev whenever. There are roughly two main shifts, the first of which is during the work day for North Americans, and is largely populated by Europeans who've returned home from work and school (I discovered this by looking in one Friday morning when I had no classes). The second shift is from around 9 PM to a little past 1 AM EST, during which you'll see the majority of North American regulars. Oddly, even those on the Left Coast tend to leave after 1 AM EST - which is only 10 PM PST.

See you around.

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BTW, when's a good time to be at #gamedev?
Haha!...when it's at it's most productive for you! :)

..and Welcome to journal land..customary + to you!

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