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Nothing new done today

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Didn't do any programming today. Decided to take a break for a day or two and get some more homework done.

I had to decide today on what my Advanced Principles of Physics midterm project is going to be, so I decided on a graphical representation of spacetime.

Spacetime is a four dimensional structure that consists of three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. What my graphical representation of space time do is show an object in 3D being transparent, and have color values with vectors represent the curviture of spacetime. I will then introduce objects into it and try to predict the curviture of spacetime to produce real results in the terms of time dialation of gravity.

This concept came from HeightMaps where you have a two dimensional image represent a three dimensional object.

Anyway, this will throw me into OGL [smile]
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So you are trying to represent a 4D object in a 2D plane? I think my brain hurts trying to conceptualise that. [grin]

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