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606/1000 of the way there!

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MBCG3AM update:

Envelopes out: 606
Envelopes in: 0
Current BB credit: $4 (Shelly took Maggie to McD last night)

Down to about 20 stamps. Planning to go and buy some more today.

Note: If you're peeling the little tickets, be sure to go to and enter the code at the bottom of the ticket. The prizes are mostly pointless (ringtones and cellphone games), but there are a couple of worthwhile instant-win prizes. Thus far I've won credit for 75 free pictures from Snapfish. I plan to use this credit to print out pictures of Maggie to toss in Christmas cards.

I'm officially infecting others. Rick got into the act last week. Now Andy (Shelly's tech) and his wife are getting into the act. They're working together on it and Andy's wife doesn't have a job (apart from home-schooling her kid and a once-a-week gig doing filing for us), so I expect them to catch up to me fast.

Yeah I took a break from the server paypal stuff. I hit a roadblock on the whole bit about generating a shareware access-code with both PHP and ActionScript. Basically since I want to send the user a download link and unlock-code, I needed to be able to generate a code with PHP that I could then validate with my ActionScript game. There's plenty of encryption code out there for both (Blowfish, XTEA, XXTEA, etc), but since they both formatted the strings a tad differently, I couldn't encrypt a string with one and decrypt it with the other without digging into one or both pieces of code to see how they're formatting the encryption. And if you've ever looked at encryption code, it'll make your eyes cross, even in programming languages that strongly discourage writing hideously clever-yet-unreadable code (like PHP and ActionScript). My spirits dropped faster than a televangelist's pants at a church secretary's convention until I found some encryption code that actually formats stuff the same on both.

So I'm back on track. Thanks for asking.

Hey, look at this cool interview I did with GarageGames evangelist, Jay Moore.
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Recommended Comments

You're about to get me hooked too...

Stamp->10" Envelope->Stamp->8" Envelope->...

Are you inserting a letter for each one? A simple "Requesting Free Monopoly Pieces"

Final Q. Right addy to spam?
McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald's Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

I'll be sure to share the winnings with ya for the idea.. ;)

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