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Bill and I sat down (well we talked in Yahoo) and hammered out just what we wanted to go into the next release and what could wait. The next release will be our Beta and codenamed Contagion! The purpose of this release is to showcase the connectivity between the peer to peer worlds.

Right now, it will consist of:

object doesn't appear on remote when first dropped
screen refresh gets out of sync and it ends up drawing the wrong room
popup menu hiding problems
move remote vars (name, pass, url) into mudinfo
history doesn't work when online (find ~/p2pmud dir when online too)

New Contagion Features:
save button
way to turn off relaying
center health bar (currently left justified)

Last night the wife was out of town, so I finally had some good productive time on my hands. I decided to implement container windows. You know, you open the chest up and it pops up a window showing the contents of the chest. You can then drag stuff in and out of the container. So I made some pretty good progress on this, but not sure if it's going to make the Contagion release or not.

My cousin John is coming in for the weekend, so I'm sure we'll tinker around with the system. John wants to learn how to make his own games in it, but I'm not sure if I'll get any coding done.

Oh yah, our PostNuke based site got hacked again. This time I went and found a bunch of patches and applied them. Sheesh, like we don't have better things to do!

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I had a little bit of practice making gumps like that for my first-person RPG. It was slightly difficult to bolt a UI layer on top of SDL but ended up working out very well.

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