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status update

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Unfortunately I have been very busy with school related work the past week, so I haven't been able to do much work on intEGA. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze out some code during the weekend but it doesn't seem likely.

However, since I study a computer science related field (Artificial Intelligence), I have been doing much development :) During the last week I have involved myself in implementing a couple of density estimators for pattern recognition (nearest neighbor and the parzen multivariate gaussian estimator) and a database application which is to be a slimmed down version of Google. It's interesting work but very time consuming and at the moment we're (the aforementioned projects are to be made in teams of two students) running behind schedule so that doesn't make it any easier at all.

Besides these A.I. courses I'm also following a computer graphics course which isn't that time consuming since I have already had some experience with computer graphics while engaging in game development. Also, I'm a teacher's assistent in a couple of A.I. courses. This can be time consuming indeed, especially when I have to grade 30, 7-page, papers in only a couple of days. Next semester I'll be teaching the practical course on imperative and object oriented programming which will be much fun, because I'm suppossed to come with the exercises the students have to make. And since I'm very much interested in game development, I suppose the students will be making a couple of small games during the course :) I'm thinking of a Puzzle Bobble clone and perhapse also a more continuous type game like Asteroids.

That's the status update for this week, hopefully more screenshots and the like will follow this weekend.
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