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Java 5?

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Alright, I did it... I finally installed the Java 5 Developer Tools from Apple's ADC Member Site. Since I upgraded to Tiger a couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to run Java 5 programs, but I had not installed the proper developer programs.

Anyway, now I am faced with a decision, start programming int Java 5, or keep to 1.4.2? As it stands right now I would like to goto 5, but I am afraid that not as many people would be able to run my programs... Any suggestions here?
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I just went to 5. I say, do it. People should have updated already. Plus, now you get the nice template-esque containers =D

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It's your-happiness versus your players'-happiness. The lower you go, the more people will be able to play. However, if using 5 gets your hands on nice goodies that will make you more inclined to speed up development...

You'll make the right choice, I'm sure. ;)

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IMHO, theres nothing of great advantage in 1.5 over 1.4. The main additions that are relevant to games are:
- Generics (which have ugly syntax, are error prone and don't change runtime performance any)
- Static import (again, no actual affect on runtime, just makes your source a little neater)
- Nanosecond timer (which would be handy, except most people should be using LWJGL which has had a high res timer since forever)
- A bunch of Java2D improvements (but these are under the hood, and require plenty of implementation-specific black magic to take advantage of them - again, most people should be using LWJGL).

Theres some library additions too, but they're irrelevant for games dev. 1.4 is a much more important version as it's got assert() and ByteBuffers (and to a lesser extent, fullscreen Java2d and BufferStratergy).

If you really want 1.5 language features like generics, you can use Retroweaver to compile 1.4 compatible class files. Rather smart. [grin]

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