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I'm baaaaccckkk...

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The youngin' of JounalLand has returned after a short 1 1/2 month recess. I apologize. A combination of women, work, unhappiness, my support deteriorating, another pixel artist bombing on me, and Bruckner on vacation... led to a great loss of motivation. But I'm back on track now! And I'm feeling better then ever.

It feels great to be back. I'm a bit behind though... there are so many new people in JournalLand! What's with the image of the day... and where's my crew!? Well, I'll be spending this weekend catching up, as well as...

Coding! I spent all day making a code shift from one computer to the new one (oh, it's so nice!), updating the code, reviewing the code, and completely any unfinished buisness. I also sorted out issues I had with the scrolling, and such a huge collision detection issue that basically lets you walk through any solid object. Which leaves a question begging to be answered...

How did I not notice that!?

Ah well, it's fine now. Funny, my old computer was so slow, I didn't notive that on any modern machine it runs at practically lightspeed. So here I am, rewiring every unit in the game to move slower... and forget I have a timer. So instead of shifting one number down, I sat and shited a many hundred. Ah well... today was great anyhow. So much progress, and I'm all caught up.

I'm so happy to be programming again, too. I was sitting around the other day, and I said to myself "I have all of these spare hours... what happened?" And then I realized what I've been missing, and that same motivation I always had (and a bit of guilt :/) drove me back.

So tomorrow I begin work again. I have three playable battles and an empty boss arena, so it looks like (since all of the most important glitches are fixed) I have to start programming again. Bruckner (my artist), is thrilled to be starting again, and he's already got the next art ready.

It's great to be back.

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I was wondering where you went, for a while there it looked like it was only me and stompy left from the 2D crew [wink].

Welcome back!!

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