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Recently I bought a few games for my console, which include: The Hulk, Xman2 Apocalypse, an evil dead game, and a samuari jack game.

Hulk has amazing physics, for the first hour or so I was simply blown away. The first few missions of Hulk seemed to be too unfocused. There is one part of the game where you have to protect a building from tanks (hey if I wanted to play a Turret Defence I would play starcraft). Maybe its just me.. but I want to play Hulk wheres hes simply smashing, destroying something similar to the arcarde games: simpsons arcade, cadillacs and dinasours, turtles and time, etc... Not to say I wont give it another go later on.

Samuari Jack is neat, and has a nice cartoon renderer, but I thought there could have been a better story (there didnt seem to be any).

All of these games seem to be mindbogglingly good games, the problem I find with them seems to be with the gameplay.

I really like the idea of using Abstract base classes

I am toying with the idea of using an empty struct, and then deriving all of my structs from it. The purpose is to avoid having functions that take a google and half paramters.
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