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The pit of doom!

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I thought this was pretty funny:

I was experimenting with putting alot of enemies into a pit. The player must carefully jump on the bricks so they don't fall into the pit. This is the second level by the way.

I've decided to keep the gameplay in the game exactly what it is like at this moment. Basically, the game is about getting to the end of the stage without being hit by an enemy or falling down a cliff. The game is pretty fun right now. I'll probably put a demo here tomorrow so you guys can play it if you want.
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I think that your enemey graphics should have eyebrows making them look evil.

Look'n good!

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That's a good idea. I made the enemy graphics by just repainting blocky man's shirt from Blue to red, so it would be a good idea to make them different from the player.

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Can you Katamari those bastards? It would be cool if there were a script trigger at the end which spawned a giant Katamari or lit all of them on fire or something.

Edit When you post the demo could you PM me a link to the source so I could build it for my Mac?

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I played through the first level. (I'll play more at lunch, as I'm at work now.) It plays pretty smoothly. You're off to a good start. :)

Edit: Whoops, I replied to the wrong entry. ;)

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