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This week was very uneventful for Freezer 2, so hopefully tomorrow will be better (it's Canadian Thanksgiving. I give thanks for having a compiler).

I added the Micro Assault Rifle a little while back and patched up a huge bug with the scripting core. The Micro Assault Rifle is a high-ROF, wide-spread three round burst weapon. Basically, it mulches up entire rooms of NPCs without even starting to exhaust a clip.

Since it's so unbalanced I've locked it behind a door that requires an NPC to open -- so you must be nice and kind to that NPC rather than shooting him on sight in order to get the weapon. I plan on using NPC scripts lightly to slow down the player's homicidal behaviour to the point where it becomes some kind of murder-strategy-puzzle game. I definitely won't do it to the extent where killing one NPC prevents you from whacking another, which would seriously screw up your chances of finishing the game.

I also played Notrium today, which is an amazingly brilliant concept. I would like to see more survival games. It's also superbly executed and plays smoothly on my machine.

I've been playing the FEAR multiplayer demo as well, which allows me to shoot punk bitches in the face. Which means it's awesome.

I also wrote up a quick article on tips for writing portable games, which I will probably submit to GDNet later on as a snippet.
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