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Experiments with irrlicht

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I picked up the new version of irrlicht yesterday and gave it a spin. Had a simple third-person action/adventure thing going in a couple of hours...

Created a new scene graph node class for the character. The actual character model is a child node of this character node. Current state of movement is stored (in my demo, crouching + running) and it handles updating the current animation.

Movement was achieved through attaching a collisionresponse animator to the character node, as well as a custom animator which moves the character according to the movement states and the camera direction. None of the predefined animators seem to be suitable for interactive movement.

Camera handling was done by simply updating the camera position/orientation from within the animator, or on mouse input (orbital mouselook).

At the end of it all, I gave up because I don't feel Irrlicht is very well designed... and I wanted to play with the new XInput stuff in the DXSDK [grin]
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I wanted to play with the new XInput stuff in the DXSDK

Is it good / what are your thoughts on it so far?


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It's very nice and straightforward - you don't even have startup/shutdown functions, just "get the state of controller 0" which will return an error code if there's no controller attached. As such I believe it's taking care of controller assignment automatically.

Building it up into a nice little input-reader on a seperate thread. I'll post it somewhere when I'm done... maybe they'd like it in the SDK, though that's unlikely.

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