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I woke up this morning to the unfortunate conclusion that my concept artist was no where to be found. He has the drawings for the second boss. I still have to get a scanner hooked up to the new PC, but I'll have it up soon enough.

So I started work programming the first boss fight. He runs on a fixed routine around the screen, which is what I'm pushing through now. It's a little tedious, and to calculate everything so that each movement is percise, and it retains it's recursiveness is going to be pretty tough. Infact, between this sentance and the last, I spent about 25 minutes tweaking two jumps he makes.

I am, however, thankful that I can be working on such a fine computer. Take a look at the desktop:

Yes, it's completely gorgeous. I've never touched a computer this good in my life.

It's so good to be programming again, too. I forgot how much I love doing it. It's just so fulfilling; such a rush. And what with work being done, I just have such incredible amounts of time to do it.

So anyhow, off to write more boss routines.


PS: If one of you out there has a game or a demo I should be playing, leave a comment. I'll be sure to grab it since the new comp can run it.
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I hate to see all that screen space wasted on windows's blue task bar… Do you really need to have it so big with it being so long?

Either way, absolutely awsome setup.

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I agree with Hops. No reason for a two button high desktop with dual monitors running two taskbars. Just overkill and takes away from the awesome++ of the desktop you have there.

Glad to see you're back, was wondering where you went.

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... and where's my crew!?

*cough* Getting a nice freshman welcome to the Kansas State computer science program... Oh yes, I'm thoroughly getting my head bashed into the wall quite frequently now. :) I do have a nice little text adventure I'm working on; when I'm not studying.

Nice to see ya back!

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Great looking wallpaper, do you mind telling where you got it? I like the uncluttered state of your desktop as well.

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ilDave! Laz! Jack 2! Great to see you guys!

I have a shorter taskbar now. It need it to run the length of the screen, though, cause the second half (although it's invisible to you guys, manages the second screen).

And Kaz, I get my Wallpapers at Digital Blasphemy (google it). I got a cheap one-month membership and got all of their stuff. It's really worth it, and it's all equally as impressive as that one.

Again, it's great to see you guys.


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