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A clean desk is a happy desk.

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Coaster Kev


I just finished cleaning off my desk. Now I have a drawer or two that I need to clean out. Next, I will straighten up my room to a point where I can concentrate on something other than the mess.

This is my usual routine before I start a new project. I work better in a clean environment.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day.
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That's always a great first step. Also, I find that being fully dressed, having eaten something, and being fully awake also help keep me energized. Things that are actually more of a detrement are probably carbonated beverages, working in a bath robe or T-shit & Boxers, or not having a good breakfast/dinner (depending on when you're working).

Just my two cents. Good luck on starting your project!


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I also have to turn my TV off. Radio or mp3's are fine, because you can't turn around to watch it.

I'll be ready to start here in a few hours.

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Don't just clean up your working space, organise it properly, it really does help.

I also find it's best not to have TV on, or radio for that matter; I tend to stop to listen to some of the conversation, so for me at least music is much better suited.

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