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The healing hand of addressing

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Still have to buy stamps, but everything's addressed and will go out in tomorrow's mail. Dunno how I came up nine short. Both envelope boxes are empty. I'm assuming I miscounted somewhere along the journey.

MBCG3AM update:

Envelopes out: 991
Envelopes in: 0
Current BB credit: $4
Cash out: $772.50 (envelopes and stamps)
Cash in: 0

Now the waiting game begins.

Figuring out how to spend my BB credit. One of our Dell 21-inch flatscreens is on a computer that we rarely use, so I'll probably downgrade its monitor to a 19" LCD ($299 at BB) and go with dual flatscreens on my box. Nice.

I'm also getting one of those Wifi boxes that allows you to play MP3's over an existing stereo. We've got a drive full of music upstairs, so it'll be nice to be able to play it downstairs.

I might grab the $149 Photoshop upgrade. It claims that it'll upgrade any version of Photoshop to the latest, so I might just grab a version 5 on ebay for $20 and upgrade it. That is if it's really nicer than PSP. I'll have to look.

And maybe Adobe Premiere Elements. It'll be nice to have a non-sucky video editor. Especially if Rick and I really do go through with our exceedingly stupid film/game idea. More on that later, unless one of us comes to our senses.

Speaking of Rick, sorry to Rick for not even bringing up the new movie production at dinner Friday. That's gotta be exciting to do a top-shelf (or at least middle-shelf) movie, and it completely slipped my mind. I'm a heel.
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OK, I'm confused. Why should you be expected to bring up the movie? More importantly why would it make you a heel for not? Are my social skills so completely non-existent that I can't see this or are you trying to be funny and I'm just not getting it?

As a counter to that, I certainly don't bring up Duck Tiles or Super Dozer Xtreme Hyperforce Monkey Feces or whatever it's being called whenever we get together. Does that make me a heel and I just don't know it?

I've been accused MANY times of being an insensitive prick. (the most shining example is when our gaming group made gurps characters for each other based on our real life personalities and the character they handed me had the disadvantage of No Feelings) So I'd certainly understand if I'm completely out of touch here and up to my eyeballs in the cooling river of cluelessness.

On the other hand you could simply be jerking me around. It's so hard to tell in the electronically printed word. And with you either option is certainly possible. :-)

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No, I just felt like an insensitive clod on the way home for not being more supportive of what is most assuredly a very exciting chapter in your life.

I am oversensitive about this sort of thing because we've got a cleaning lady who feels the need to outdo anything you ever bring up. Conversations generally go like this:

Dawn: How're you doing?

Me: Well, I just won the lottery, struck oil in my backyard, developed a unified field theorem, and found out that I have fatal ass-cancer that'll render me stone dead within the next 72 hours.

Dawn: Mmmmyeah. But I've got allergies.

[followed immediately by a 45 minute description of the rash on her arm]

I just try to avoid being one of those people who makes everything about me, so I get sensitive about it when I forget about something important in someone else's life.

I also need to dump that cleaning lady. She's become more trouble than she's worth.

No biggie. No harm no foul. I do wanna hear lots of good movie gossip, though. You've got four b-list actors, so statistics will say that at least one of 'em is coked up. And I must know which!

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