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Little People Part 2

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

First off I'd like to let everyone know how much their nice comments affect my will to work on Angels 20, and last entry I got enough to fuel me for at least another week[grin]!

Anyways, I didn't do that much in Angels 20 today, but what I did do is pretty cool, so lets get down to it.

Cool Thing #1: Flying People
Thats right folks, not only can the little people run around and wave, they can also be blown into the air with a cleverly placed explosive! Ravuya gave me the idea for this in his comment last entry, and I must thank him for it, it's really cool looking! Anyways, now you can shoot the little people with your weapons, and if the weapon is explosive, the person will go tumbling through the air, and back down to earth. As you can see below, my well placed bomb has thrown 2 stickmen(Mark hasn't gotten the chance to artify them yet) into the air:

So this just goes to show that I do listen to the comments you guys post[grin].

Cool Thing #2: Bomber Intercept Missions
The other cool thing I did today was program the logic for the Bomber intercept mission you can fly. In these missions, you must scramble into the air and destroy the bombers that are flying from the right of the map to the left, before they can fly off the other side of the map and bomb.... something. Here's a screen of me being bracketed by 4 Blackjack bombers:

I also realized that, according to the windows task manager, theres a small memory leak when a new level is loaded, but I'm not sure if it's telling me the truth, because I looked through and theres no new memory allocations being done, just assets being moved around. Does anyone know of a good application that will measure the amount of memory the program is using, or is the task manager adequate for the job?

Anyways, Mark and I might upload a new version this week that shows off some of the cool new things we've been working on. Talk to you guys later!

Angels 20 Feature WorkList
-An Actual Front-End Menu
-A Map of the Level on the HUD
-Good MIG AI
-Destructable Tiles
-A checklist of enemies on the level
-Repair Trucks that actually have to stop to repair stuff
-Ground Vehicles that can shoot at you
-More weapons (ie. Napalm, Cluster Bombs, etc)
-Fully Automatic Gun
-Forward Supply Bases
-More mission parameters (ie. timelimits , targets , etc)
-Random HUD Stuff
-Expanded Tileset
-Improved Level Editor
-Gameplay balancing and tweaking
-Cutscene Integration
-New Mission Types
(Almost Done!!!!)

Dont Forget To Try Out The Latest Version Of Angels 20

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Recommended Comments

Thanks, and the bomber missions are just the tip of the new mission types iceberg, we've got plenty more planned!

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valgrind is amazing for tracking memory leak type errors, but I think it's linux only so that's probably no good, unless you can compile your code on linux.

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Guest Anonymous Poster



I've been following its development and your game is really looking great. However, I am attempting to play it on FreeBSD under Wine, but it's messing up X trying to set some weird 16-bit video modes. It starts fine and loads the menu great, but Wine dies with a `cannot set video mode' error and leaves X in a bad state (a 1024x768x32 (I think) mode that it shouldn't be able to set) when I try to start the first mission. Anyway, if there isn't already (?), could you add an option (config file or command-line) to run in a window and leave the desktop at whatever resolution and bit-depth that it was?


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efence or mmgr.h might replace valgrind under Windows.

Oh, and AWESOME. Flying doods.

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