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Well not much to say really. I've been having a hard time getting things coded this last two or three days. I've actually been spending more time reading as of late. I've reading a lot about some low level coding, compiler theory, all the stuff that I probably would dread to study if I was actually in school [smile].

I updated my GDSC C.F.L. entry today. It's not really anything impressive. A lot of the stuff I managed to add isn't accessable as the gameplay never makes use of it, I never advanced the gameplay past the last version, but it looks a little nicer, and I added a few more features. At anyrate I just wanted to get it out there as I think that maybe the death of the text version. I'm focusing on Phoenix full force, or atleast I'm supposed to be.

Works going good, not much has changed, although I'm do for a raise at the end of the month. I'm also planning on moving into a new apartment at that time. I also want to get a laptop so I can code outside, and at work on my breaks. I probably won't do that until mid November though.

I'm still working on some initalization stuff for Phoenix, as well as the editor Myrrh. Um.. yep, it's almost bed time for me, working nights is nice.

Damnit' I just realized to I'll have to do another build of C.F.L really quick so that if anyone actually gets into a battle they won't be stuck cycling through empty question segments.
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