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Evil Steve


Ok, I haven't posted in a few days because I was busy all of Friday with LAN party stuff, I was busy tidying up and getting drunk on Saturday, and I was hungover all of Sunday. So, here I am on Monday.

The LAN party was alright, but it could have been better. We had 3 PCs on wireless LAN, but because I only have one access point, it caused chaos with lag. So we got a 4 player of Doom3, in which 3 people had pings of 700~1500ms. Which sucked a bit. We managed to get a 5 player of Quake II, and 4 player of UT2k4 by jiggling things about, but that was the best we got. It'd be better if people would install games before arriving, since we didn't start the first game till 7pm or so (3 hours after people arrived).
Unreal Tournament 2004 is awesome for LAN parties though. Actually, it's awesome, period.

Saturday was alright, I got toally nailed, as did most people. And I successfully broke the zip off my wallet, so I need to get a new one now.

My Assemblage 23 CD arrived on Saturday, and my Apoptygma Berzerk CDs arrived today. Yay!
From top left to bottom right: Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me), APB Live 2000, The Apopcalyptic Manifest, Assemblage 23: Storm and 7.

I've just finished fitting a new case to my server - another Arctic Cooling Silentium T1. And Silicon forgot to charge me the GBP55 for it [grin]. I bought some RAM, since my sister's new motherboard doesn't take PC133 RAM (and I put it in my server. Yay, 768MB RAM), a USB wireless card for my PC (So I have the option of using it wireless if I want, and it was handy for LAN partying), and a keyboard and mouse (Since I'm one short now I have another PC).
So, the dude went downstairs to get the case, and left it on my side of the counter. Then forgot to charge me for it when he made the bill up. Although he gave me a hand to the door with it, and didn't mention that I hadn't been charged for it. So I ended up spending GBP70 instead of GBP125. Hooray!

And I promised to get pictures of my new PC and case. So here they are:

PC internals, showing the USB ports at the back of the case and a bit of the SATA drive:
My new PC

A close up of the SATA drive in it's little sound proofing box, the PSU in the bottom right, and the two fans above it:
My new PC

The back of the PC, showing the 2 network ports, 4 onboard USB ports, the 4 extra USB ports on the back, in the expansion slot position, and the firewire and other random port (which you can;t see very well). And the stupid number of sound IO ports (6!):
My new PC

PC from the front, showing a further 2 USB ports, mic in, and audio out jacks on the side:
My new PC

So yeah, 10 USB ports in total. Strikes me as a bit excessive... Well, I'm going to get some food, and then watch More 4 (A new digital/freeview channel from 4), since it's just started and it looks pretty good.
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