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There Be Pirates

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Checking my web logs, I noticed somebody had not only 'stole' some of my art (below), but they had forums linking straight to my site so they were leeching bandwidth too =-( It isn't a lot, but it was kind of a slap in the face to see that kind of thing going on.
It's nice to see that the person liked what little I've done, but they could have at least asked if it was ok to use. If you go to the www subdomain (or leave off a subdomain), you are taken to a forum where you could easily ask such things.

The image they were using is

so I had to write a mod_rewrite rule to change it into:

for the domains the person was using it on.

I wouldn't really have minded if it wasn't the one work of art I use to identify myself (that figure is in every avatar I've made since I created it), but it's kind of like somebody tried to steal my identity =-/
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Original post by The_Ethernopian
You should change it to say "I stole someone's art".
Like so? [Originally "Art Theft Is Bad"]

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Sorry someone stole your art, and I really, REALLY like how you dealt with it. "I stole art"! Rofl...

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