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GraphicsCache Viewer

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Edit Note:

Updated the pic so that you could see the preview area scroll! be amazed! be dazzled! Now I plan to start working on zooming, which isn't that hard to implement, but rather hard to implement so that it works like it should [smile]

Just added the GraphicsCache Viewer, which allows you to view, remove and add images to the cache. I was thinking about addiding a zoom feature onto the image preview area... might make it better for some of those really small images. Maybe eventually there will also be a image editor in there (a real simple one).

The next thing to do is get the AudioCache to have the same features... (obviously not the image preview). And then after that I'll add a script editor and viewer.

Anyway, look with awe at my gorgeous GUI.
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Damn, the OSX GUI makes it all look so darned sleek. Makes me want to either go to Mac or use Java. :P

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