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Short entry (hmmm, I say that too much). So I didn't get much work done today in terms of programming, but I did get work done nonetheless. Popped over to Bruckners to discuss concept art and current events. I liked, for the most part, what I saw in the second boss sketches. It's a suprise what he is, I'll just say he wasn't stocky enough, and the guns weren't big enough either. So after red-lining a few points, I bid him farewell. I should have the new stuff tomorrow or the next.

But in terms of programming, everything is pretty smooth. I have a boss routine programmed. He's depicted in earlier entries as the badass with the mask and the revolver. Below I have a screenshot and labels...

I know it's hard to see the bullets against the stars in that still shot, but trust me, when they're flying at you as fast as they are, you see them...

So things in that respect are coming along smoothly and gradually. When you're programming pre-routed boss routines, it's interesting having to compensate for the fact that you have to make a challange while not being able to anticipate the characters moves one bit. To present a challange that is all-encompasing, and present it to a player as more of a strategic feat then a systematic one. More about that when I conclude the programming of this character.

Perhaps I should pop over to Gamasutra for a few articles on the matter... anyhow, like I said last entry, it's good to be programming again. I like how I havn't slacked off in terms of holding onto my routines. I can still do it just as efficiently as before, and havn't forgotten any of my previous good tendancies and habits. Or atleast I think...

Anyhow, more later...


PS: Kazgaroth, I noted your question in my last entry and answered it. And to the rest of you who have left comments, it's great to see you guys again. I feel like I've been gone so long.
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I've got a few questions for ya!

1. Is the main character animated yet, I always see him in the screens, but he's never moving

2. Are you still planning on entering the IGF as a student entry?

3. Why does the title bar of the screens say garronberg?

Those just popped into my head when I was reading your entry.

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I've been wondering where you were. Nice to see you back. [smile]

Are we ever going to get a demo of this game?

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