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Still moving forward

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*finally* managed to figure out various dll and lib issues with my framework. Turns out Ogre and Open AL like to be destroyed and created like this (or CoUninitialize throws in Openal AlCloseDevice)

1. Create OpenAL stuff
2. Create Ogre app stuff
3. Destroy OpenAL stuff
4. Destroy Ogre stuff.

See before I was creating and destroying the OpenAL stuff within the Ogre app itself. Though that did not work right.

So it was Ogre -> OpenAL ... OpenAL -> Ogre.

Anyway, all this bollocks has really hurt my chances in getting an entry in on time. I wanted an audio framework to do very specific things that others did not... and I've paid the price for that.

I'm not sure if it's even possible to get an entry in on time now, not without other aspects of my life suffering. It's a shame because I really liked the idea. I expect I will complete it anyway.
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It's a shame that you won't have time now. Hope you do finish. We've already stopped trying, although it was unlikely in the first place.

Are you planning anything with sound system? It's an area I've truly neglected so far, and it needs to be added someday not too far away. I might be interested in using it.

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