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Progress temporarily hindered by real estate

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It's been quite a while since my last entry. I've just recently bought my first house (WOOHOO!) and having some work done to it before I move in. Although this has slowed down my progress, it hasn't stopped it. I've still been hard at work on the game.

Last I left off, I was trying to call all lower-level functions in the framework through an action processor. I managed to get this to work some time ago and even created actions for thread control. So far, the framework is looking good. Now, I'm just trying to tie everything together. I've been updating my video component to work better with the GUI which now renders the GUI on it's own surface. Multiple surfaces are rendered in seperate threads so that the screen can be redrawn whether or not both are complete. This will help during hectic parts of the game where the action is high and the frame rate is low. The GUI will still refresh even when the framerate of the game screen drops.

Once I've got the GUI and the new video component integrated into the system, I would like to work up some concept demos. I'm going for a simple but clean look but have nothing to show for it yet. After all, some screenies would be nice!
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Good luck on your project! I know how hard it can be to find a few hours of good quality coding time!

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