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I'm suprised! (shocked maybe?)

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I was really suprised to see the amount of feedback I got on the demo. To be honest I had no real plans to do anymore major work on the game, but now I see that you guys really like it, so I'll make sure to keep working on it.

Blocky Man was basically made out of me trying to learn how to do tile based games. I'm already reusing alot of the code in another project, which is going to be a more massive 2D game than anything I've ever attempeted (which honestly isn't saying much). I won't talk about this other project for awhile, because I know you guys like Blocky Man, and so do I. Plus I predict I won't have anything to show of this project for about a month.

Regarding Blocky Man, I was thinking of adding music to the game. Maybe I could add a rotating soundtrack of old 80's video game music playing in the background. Kind of like an EA games soundtrack, but replace cheesy rock/rap music with cheesy midi music.
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Cheesy music is awesome. I remember me and a couple of friends of mine going through a phase where we just walked around imitating the Super Mario Brothers theme song - and occasionally the sound effects, too.

Give us more Blocky Man!

(A level editor would be cool, too... and pretty easy, I suspect, from looking at the level data [wink] )

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The game uses SDL for graphics. It has been awhile since I've used Allegro for a project, but I would like to use it again someday.

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