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Edit Note:

Aren't these little side boxes fun? Anyway, finally came up with an updated version that fits into 400x300. Now All I can do is hope that all of my work works in Windows too. But what's the chance of that happening?

As I took this screenshot I realized that I don't have a remove button [sad] But eitherway the GUI is programmed but none of the methods (except for add new). The play/stop/loop/loopstop is pretty easy to implement, but showing the realtime update on the time remaining will probably remain untouched for a while before I delve too deep into my sound API. Either way, you can see how it's set up, and how it will work. One thing that I was upset about though... it doesn't fit into 400x300 pixels... Everything in Battle has fit into a 400x300 frame, but this doesn't and it still needs the remove button. Maybe I'll take away the volume and rime remaining fluff...

Any ideas here to help me make it all fit? (currently it's 400x325)
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What are these GUIs for anyways? Are they for making levels and whatnot, or are they going to be part of the game somehow?

Looks great BTW!

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If I half the add button, and put a remove button there, the remove button is inside of the new pane… And it would still be too tall… thanks though! Taking out the elapsed time Label (with the text) and adding a remove button there?

The GUIs are going to be used when developing maps to the game. This way you don't have to muck around with all the text files. I just load up all my graphics that I want, all the audio I want, change all the tile settings (height/graphic etc) and then with one button it'll generate the beanshell script for the physical map so all you have to do is add the scripts for interaction.

Pretty much they are my resource editors for developing maps.

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*shakes fist*

If I was on OSX I could put screenshots of my windows to make networking seem interesting -- but XP windows don't seem to get the same reception. ;)

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Well I'll tell you what. You send me the screenshots of your GUI, I'll remake it in Aqua, and then take a screenshot and send it back to you. [grin]

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