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Moving Right Along

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The prototype is coming along quite nicely. I am confident that the team will make tomorrows deadline. The engine worked out better than anticipated. Since it is an Early Adopter release, a few bugs were expected. One of the bugs caused me to change the input model though. It seems that when calling a certain function to "kill" entities on the screen, the mouse position gets set to 0,0 every time. This creates a problem since your player will shoot to that position. So for now we will use keyboard input for the player. We'll try to work around this for both win32 and OSX as we work on the release version.

I am doing some research, and maybe all of you here can help me out. I'm looking for feedback on top-down shooters. More specifically, what features do you like, and what features do you dislike in top-down shooters? What, for you, would make a perfect top-down shooter? You can either leave a reply here or email me at
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Seems like you're doing some interesting work. Now I have to go back in your journal and read everything up 'til now to catch up.


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No screenshots yet. Right now we're just using placeholder art so they wouldn't be very appealing. With the change in the engine, we're essentially in pre-production again. I should have screenshots over the next several weeks. I wanted to wait until we had something more tangible to hire an artist. If I found a good artist that wanted to join the team using our profit share plan, that would be best. But I'm not holding my breath. I completely understand an artists hesitancy considering most indie projects die miserable deaths.

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