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I wonder if saying that an entry will be short makes it less true. So anyhow, I feel like I have no time anymore ::sigh::. I didn't get any programming done today. And thinking back, I felt so busy, but can't remember getting anything actually productive done. And now, thinking about it, I got everything done today that I wanted to do, except programming. I didn't do any programming, even though it's what I wanted to do the most. I updated all threads I needed to, read all articles I needed to, drafted all ideas I needed to, and even wrote this entry. No programming.

I did talk to my concept artist. The new art will be ready tomorrow, and it should make me very happy. We'll see though. I'm also kinda freaking out about finding a reliable artist. Seriuosly, how can it be so hard to find a credible artist for this project? I'm thinking of going back to revive and edit my origional post looking for artist. I've got sound engineer covered.

My issue is that I find an artist, he draws me a great standing sprite for the main character, I ask him for a run animation, and he disappears. This has happened twice now. I mean, really, how much more credible can a project be then a project where the game is already functional. I have more then just a little tech demo. It's even a paying gig! I'm thinking of filing for a buisness trade name so that I can post in actual proffesional 2D artist forums. I don't know how long I can stand dealing with this kind of thing.

Oh well, more tomorrow.

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You should threaten them with legal action. Say that the contract that they agreed to makes them liable for the damages… [grin]

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Talk to Sir Sapo, the artist for his game is unbelievably Awesome.

That sucks that you can't find a good artist, what's wrong with your concept artist?. It's not like pixel(-ish) art is an impossibly hard medium to work with, and there are plenty of kids (at least in my school) that would love to have a crack at drawing this sort of thing.

Keep looking, and good luck!

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My artist may have skills, but he's a real asshole sometimes[wink]

Like Prinz tried to say, ask around your school, there's bound to be someone who has the ability you need.

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First of all, yes, I have thought about writing up some contracts, but I don't suppose that would have done any good in this situation. Each artist only got through one sprite before falling off the edge of the planet.

Haha, Mark the Artist is pretty fantastic at what he does, but I didn't want to impede. It would be wonderful it he'd be up for the job, but he probably has alot on his plate.

And I'm working on the school thing, but not prospects are turning up.


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