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Freezer 2 patches, more fun stuff.

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So in Freezer 2, I've added some nice features, including bullet holes when the bullets run out of range and hit the ground as well as empty shell casings which appear when you fire the gun. Basically, flavour!

Scripts can now activate the Scrolly Text feature, which displays a screen not dissimilar to the CSRPG2 intro text crawler with a variable-size font and background image. They can also activate cinema scenes, but this support is limited to single-shot scripts due to limitations of the scripting engine (which I will definitely fix for my next game -- this deadlocking shit is insane).

Saurabh is making new sprites for me and they look absolutely awesome at the moment. More on this once I actually get them into the engine.

In other news, my i86 assembly class is going rather well. I am beginning to get the hang of managing the dinky-ass amount of registers I have available and I wrote a quickie app in assembly today to draw pixels in VGA. Which is pretty awesome... it also just happens to be the next assignment after this one.

You'll shine like gold in the air of summer
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Freezer 2 is looking better and more erotic every day.

That's... um... nice.

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