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Heh. I was looking through my flash drive, and I found a cheap demo I did for work showing I know the basics of coding..

Many problems with this basic piece of... work.

I didn't use time-based movement, so the speed depends on the framerate, but since it's just a cheap demo that worked on my laptop, I wasn't concerned.. Anyways, pictar and the download for those who want to see it.

I used Irrlicht so I wouldn't have to worry about loads of stuff that needed to be done the night before the interview.

Come to think of it, I don't think they ever looked at this at my interview >_< (still got the job though :))




Enjoy (probably not so much)
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Watchout pimp....but uhh I need deh uber }{@X for this...I cant beat him...ever. I found out if I sit still I last a TAD longer..like 2 ms. lol But still not bad for last minute thing. I wont post my stuff in fear of showing u up ;) hahaha yea rite...

Nice man



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