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Video iPod, nifty.

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Looks like Apple finally produced a video iPod. 320x240 video, h.264 support, and TV episodes (Lost primarily, it appears) downloadable from the iTMS for $1.99 the day after broadcast. They're naturally Fairplay DRM'd though.

I, um, want one. But I'll hold off until I see if I can rip DVDs and my already-ripped DivX AVIs to the little bugger.

Their computer improvements seem pretty marginal -- a 2.0GHz iMac and a wad of new apps. Probably something more, though... I wonder if Apple's patent for a computer with a camera in the laptop latch will come into play.

Edit: The iMac is a clear attempt to start moving towards "media centre" applications -- it has some kind of new media manager program, a TV remote and a built in camera. It also has PCI-Express and comes with an X600 XT or X600 Pro (which makes me very happy as it extends the range of Macs with decent graphics cards).

Maybe, uh, more television programs on iTMS would be nice. I'd certainly pay to catch up with 24 on the train.
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I really believe that TV Shows has even more of an opportunity to take advantage of online sales. I just wish that SciFi would start offering their shows there too… so far it's only Disney's channels (ABC etc.)… My guess is that they will also eventually add more channels.

I was hoping that they would also have free streaming video to iTunes (Now version 6 O_o), but they didn't…

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