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I hate MySQL

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Evil Steve


Ukh. I just spent an hour trying to work out why MySQL kept giving me access denied errors. I had set up a copy of my server on another machine, so I could test out a new website design without destroying my current site.
Turns out, I accidently removed the root user from the wrong server...

I'm wanting a new design for my site (again) I've decided. Features I'd like:
  • An "Articles" section (for programming articles that I'll get around to eventually)
  • A news section (probably the main content
  • A gallery
  • Downloads
  • Stats (for downloads, gallery views, etc)

    I was thinking of making the news/blog thing just link directly to my forums database. Then I can make a forum for news, and rip the text out of it for the main page.
    For the gallery, I was thinking of making a proper upload thing, and using that PHP image thingy to make thumbnails.
    Downloads would all go through a download script, and then I can find out who's downloading what.
    And I'd like to track external referrers too. So all the images in the gallery will be going through a download script too. The point in all this is to see where people are entering my site from, what page they arrive from, and if anything is getting hotlinked. And it'll let me do hotlink protection.
    Also, something I had on my home-made forums, and something ravuya has - the colours change according to the time of day. So I'll be doing something similar I think. I can read the colours from a database or something. That'd be sexy.

    For the general layout, I suck at design. All my sites look the same, and the colour scheme sucks. I usually go for dark-ish colours with very few images. When I do use images, it often looks ugly as hell.
    I don't update my site very often, but I would if my site wasn't so rubbish :P

    I like the layout of Ravuya's site and Toolmaker's site. I'll probably go for something similar to rav's, but I'll aim for looking a bit prettier like Toolmaker's.

    Anyway, general ideas are welcome, as are "nice features". I'll give full credit for any design ideas I use on the final site.
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