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There have been some inquiries lately in the comments, many of which are from Sapo and others, so now I will get a chance to answer them.

Is the main character animated yet, I always see him in the screens, but he's never moving

That's because of my damn artist issue! In this circumstance my animation system is out-prioritized by many other things on the roster untill I can find a steady artist (see below).

Are you still planning on entering the IGF as a student entry?

No, my idiocy in that long break I took screwed up chances for the dealine to work out as such. Perhaps next year I'll have more substantial material anyway.

Why does the title bar of the screens say garronberg?

Good question. That's because that's the name of the city the game takes place in. It might be in the game title somewhere, but that's not important to me right now. It is however officially the Garronberg Project.

Are we ever going to get a demo of this game?

Artist, my friend. Everyone will get the completely kickin' first level (it's pretty shwe, I promise), as soon as it's presentability is where I want it to be.

Jack, why are you so f*cking awesome? How do you do it?

Practice. PM me if you want to learn the secrets of the trade.

So unfortunately, it's another day without concept art. My bastard artist was out of school today, so I'm going to see him at his house (day off) tomorrow morning. I'm so excited for the day off. I'm going to be researching and coding all day. I should have that boss done by noon. Oh, I'm excited...

Oh, and as for the artist issue... I decided that it's going to be very rough to find one locally. I'm going to revive the advertisement very soon, wait that out, and if I have no luck revive it once again toward the end of the project. In the meantime...

Could everyone please recomend my project to every pixel artist you've ever heard of!? Thank you.

Also, who's going to the Digital Life convention? More tomorrow...

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