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I spent a few hours this evening when I should have been going to classes adding drugs to Freezer 2. You can now pick up a pile of drugs littered around the gameworld, which then kick you into bullet time. This also spawns a 30-second timer at the top of your screen with a spinning pill (the pill completes one full revolution in 30 seconds).

In the last two seconds, the bullet time effect doubles and the game becomes realllly slloooowwwww. Then it's right back to normal speed, and your ass getting kicked by cops and NPCs.

Here's a screenshot of the drug in action -- I want to add motion blur or something to signify the drug effect.

Tango wants to produce a zombie simulator with it. I think that would be awesome. Would anyone else be interested in me freeing up the engine in a separate download from the rest of the game, with some kind of solid API?

I also added some more user selectable CSS stylesheets to my site.

everything everything everything everything i'm invisible
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