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Soo, watching / listening to the other presentations made me fairly confident about my design document. Mine came out to 20 pages, and it's not even close to being completely finished (though it had the requirements for the class). The next highets doc came in at about 11.

Other projects got about 15 - 20 minutes to present.. however, being the dumbass I am. I thought I was the last one to present, so I volunteered after whom I thought was the person before the last. That left me with 10 minutes. I got about halfway through it before I got the wrapup signal. Argh. I had to rush through the best parts of the document to meet my time limit.

All in all though, people liked it, my teacher was impressed, and I've got more motivation to finish the project.

I went out and bought tons of big paper, tape, markers, a dry erase board, dry erase markers, and a dry erase eraser... So hopefully this stuff will turn my studio apartment into a gamedev studio apartment :).

As I finish parts of the design, I'll be posting them here for critique.

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