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Here is some general background material:
Battle: The Fight for Eternity (hence forth 'BATTLE') is located in a Fantasy reality where there is some magic and some technology. BATTLE takes place on the planet ORULA, on the only continent on the planet. ORULA's state of technology is sophisticated enough to be in an industrial age, but without electronics or explosive firearms. ORULA is a standard earth sized planet with earth-like vegetation and scenery. The continent is very much a bounded region in the shape of a square-ish circle. A better map will be provided later.
The land is split into three governmental bodies. The Golach Union (hence forth 'G.U.'), the Horn Empire (hence forth 'H.E.'), and the Miuli Empire (hence forth 'M.E.') exhibit a steady but uneasy relationship. The H.E. and the M.E. communicate well with each other because of their religious views. They believe in an all powerful singular god that watches over them; this belief is the foundation of The Church. They are not incorrect in their belief that there is a God. The G.U. however does not accept this ideology. They belong to a multitude of cults. The G.U. is established as a union between the many cults, they believe in a polytheistic ideology that is unique per cult. They are correct in their belief that there are many gods.
The H.E.'s and the M.E.'s churches are also known as the West Church (H.E.), and the East Church (M.E.). The G.U. is located to the north, beyond the UNHOLY REALM (hence forth U.R.) which divides the Church from the cults. The H.E. and the M.E. are separated by the PAELITH FOREST, located east of the separation area, and the ROLLING PLAINS, located west of the separation area.
Magic can not be generated by ordinary people of ORULA, instead they rely upon a class of people known as the CRAFTERS who craft the magical ambience of ORULA into usable objects for the people. This is a large industry, but one that is often filled with shoddy work; it is difficult to find a reliable cheap CRAFTER.
CRAFTERS are not usually able to develop their skills until they are in puberty. If they are able to develop those skills before puberty they are often powerful and known as CENCRAFTERS. Half of CENCRAFTERS turn out to be insane because the infuse of magic on their system. CRAFTERS and CENCRAFTERS often gain an increase in ability with the reliance/belief upon a god or cult.

ORULA has had its problems in the past. These problems continue to have an effect on the people living there today. These problems include a schism of the Church and its reassembly, ongoing cult attacks against the Church, and against an evil that lives out of the U.R..
The Church falsely believes that this evil is created by the unholy cultists ideology, and in reality the U.R. is the location where there is a connection from this plane of existence to the pietistic plane. Bizarre and evil creatures imerge from the U.R. and attack the Church and the assorted cults alike.
The schism in the Church first occurred when the Church leader (known as a Doyen) decided that the area now the H.E. should be converted over to the Church ideology. The people of the M.E. didn't agree because they did not want the cultists to be included in their affairs. The Doyen took one thousand men and did it himself. This was the start of the H.E. (the name Horn comes from the Doyen's surname). After six decades of war with the cultists, the H.E. was established just two days before its founder's death. For the next century both churches taught the same doctrine, but the M.E. didn't recognize the H.E.. Eventually there was a war between the two. The war was inconvlusive leaving both empires in a frail state. They agreed to peace, and the communication between the two Churches. This was the turning point which brought the two empires under one religion, but two empires and two heads of Church (Doyens).
The cultists continue to attack the church because they believe that people should believe in the smaller dieties because they are more responsive to the will of an individual. While this is true, the one God of the Church can accomplish huge tasks when there is enough devotion to the cause. Such examples are long in the past, for instance when an outbreak of plague nearly killed half the population the God of the Church healed all of those still alive.
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