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Giant sack of cash, only $9.99!

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There's one Boardwalk game-ticket out there. It's worth one million dollars. The rules make it quite clear that there's only one.

That being said, there are at least ten of 'em selling on ebay.

Lots of idiots out there.

Some of the listings are funny. A couple of 'em have fine print stating that it's just a cutout from the little scoreboard that you can pick up free at any Mcdonalds, and it's completely worthless. Ironically, those are still getting bids.

I repeat. Lots of idiots out there.

I'm getting scared. Folks on the fatwallet contest forum are saying that they're getting about 100 envelopes back, then no more. I'm getting worried that they hit the limit of 50-odd million tickets that they're giving out by mail.

So I guess I must update my previous post. It's possible to lose the metagame if 50 million people also play it.

We'll see. I got scared last year but got all my tickets.
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My favorite is the guy claiming to sell both Boardwalk and Park Place, a combination worth 1,000,000. But he's going to part with it for (currently) 213.00.

People are stupid.

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