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## Le Books?

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Alright everyone, I need your help. I'm going to ask my parents for some books this Christmas, but I'm just not sure which ones to get. Do any of you have any suggestions? I've heard the Game Programming Gems are a decent series ... just not sure. Any API related books should be OpenGL, as that is my API of choice.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, I managed to crawl through the attic and get my house (well, just two rooms) networked together. Now my computer is up and has internets! Now I just need a video card capable of graphics!

Traderjack: (re: my new desk)

Nice!! How much was it? And where did you get it?

I got it for $60 at Wal-Mart. Not too shabby, it's a decent desk, sturdy, and doesn't suck. Not too expensive either, if you ask me.

In other news, the town I live in is apparently flooding right now. It's been raining like piss all night, and the town's emergency alarm thingy has gone off a few times ...

Edit (11:25 am): The TV just told all residents to stay in their homes and not try to drive. I turned on the police scanner here at work and it's going crazy.

Edit (11:37 am): National Weather Service just issued a flood warning for certain parts of town. Listening to the police scanner, lots of vehicles are getting stuck on the road trying to drive through flooded waters, havign to rescue people from their cars. One area of town has water flooding up to the doors on cars, and one of the elementary schools has water flooding into the building.

Edit (1:26 pm): Raining has stopped for now, guess that means the waters will start to go down.

Edit (3:24pm): Raining has started up again. Let the flooding commense!
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Guest Anonymous Poster


I want a couple Game Programming Gems but I'm too poor [sad]

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The Game Gem series is simply awesome. I have read and re-read all 5 over and over again. Look at nerbooks.com for great used copies. That's where I bought all my series at.

As far as the rain, maybe you should have invested in a boat?

j/k Be careful and stay safe. Hope the electricity and net connection stay up.

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Have your parents get you an O'Reilly Safari Books subscription. Then you can read all the books you want.

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Actually I've already got the superbible. Richard Wright (the author) was one of my teachers, so naturally it was the class book :p

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