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New site design!

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Evil Steve


Well, I spent the entire day making up designs for my site. And finally, here is what I have (created with Paint):
New design

I'll be parsing the BBC Technology RSS feed, mainly just for padding, but also it looks pretty neat [smile]. Magpie RSS is easy as hell to use, I got a RSS feed parsed in under 5 minutes.
I also borrowed GDNet's IOTD idea, but I'm not sure if I'll use it or edit it at all.
The tux icon in the top left, and the quote below it will be randomly selected each page view.
And I have no idea what "Login" and "Register" will do. I was thinking of making something similar to GDNet's file manager so I can manage my site nicely if I'm not about. Alternatively, it'd let you sign up and post IOTDs. But I was planning on using my forums user database for that, so I'm not sure.

I'm debating going out tonight. I might, I might not. There's not many of my friends going out, but I'm bored sitting here, and quite fancy going out for a few drinks...
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Half and half. I was thinking of letting people submit images to me (by a web form or e-mail), and I'd manually OK them (Let the PHP script use them). Or I could upload images myself.

I was also thinking that I could randomly chose a RSS feed; BBC News, GDNet or Slashdot.

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