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I have a logo!

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Astute readers will notice that the test code I posted 2 entries ago is the same code that renders the yellow spikey things in a circle. Except that the final version used 300 steps instead of 70, and the other values were tweaked too.

And, by the way, since the rendering was script code, I was able to fiddle with those numbers *live* and see the changes immediately. Interactive programming rocks. I think it might be worthy of writing a tutorial article, since it rocks so much.

Anyway, time to write a game.
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I would have thought that a name like 'fuzzy' would have a fuzzy logo… Either way, it looks wonderfull.

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Thanks =) But it's kinda fuzzy, isn't it? Maybe if the orange spikes were denser and thinner, it would look more fuzzy..

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