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I have a curious problem with my UVAtlas and terrain texturing demo.

I mentioned before that due to bilinear filtering that I was getting seams appearing between the charts that made up the terrain texture.

I tried to solve this using the ID3DXTextureGutterHelper API. Despite the fact that it is reasonably simple looking, I couldn't get it to do anything useful.

Consequently I implemented a "jittered" RTT solution. This gets rid of the obvious bilinear filtering errors. However it's caused some other quite subtle errors... [headshake]

Mip-Mapping screws it all up.

In the above image you can see three pink lines running across the terrain (the black/white parts are intentionally part of the texture). This is curious because, in the following image they're gone:

I've accentuated the seams by using the "creases" mode in MeshViewer as well as highlighting the orange lines using PSP. There are no pink/magenta bilinear filtering issues.

Quite quickly I realised what the issue was.

In the first image, things are "zoomed" out to such an extent that D3D is automagically picking a lower mip-level than the top one. Lower mip-levels are just a resized version of the top one. This seemingly re-introduces the bilinear filtering errors.

If, as in the second image, I zoom in sufficiently such that D3D picks the highest (normal) mip-level then the "jitter" correction I applied kicks in and there are no errors in the rendered display.

So, the obvious solution now is that instead of saving the results of my editor to a regular BMP and letting D3DX load and auto-gen the mip's, I need to get the editor to render every mip-level manually, and then save it out as a DDS. Fun.

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Daym 13! Is that a good or bad thing? :D

Ive been out for a while so I dont understand (not even vaguely) this post. Its like I walked into a movie just after the middle, just passed the climax. The fact that I am also quite ignorant (Still!) does not help much.

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