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So me and Brad did a bit of talking and we figured out why my TNT2 was running my game so crappily. Because I had so much blending going on at once (apparently it kills oplder cards, and I was using wgl for my font creation *hack hack hack*). So I removed all my text rendering since it was hacked insta-code anyway, and I got it in a workable state for me to get some coding done.

I felt like seeing what nebulas in my game would look like, so once again, I hacked something together just to see what the probable look would be, and here I give you five different screenshots of my nebulae:

Click the thumbnails to biggify them. They'll (hopefully) look better in the final game. Like I said, right now they are EXTREMELY hacked in. But I think it looks kinda cool. Right now it's just one nebula with two color layers on it. Eventually I'll have numerous nebulas in the distance with a random number (2-4) of color layers ... it'll look better then, I hope.

There, now we can't say I haven't gotten any coding on my game done. :p

I'm going to go play some Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes now...
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You're the second person who's had that problem ... but some people can view them just fine. wtf.

I'll see what I can do to fix it.

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