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Hello again :D (56k aware)

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Hello, I decided seeing as I've paid for this here Journal, I might as well update it.

I'm still learning Java, and actually rather liking it. It's so nice for a change, I haven't touched C++ in weeks. The only problem I have is Eclipse, I find it to be pretty poor given the hype it gets. I'm still holding out the hope I might be able to hack together some kind of game in it some day. By "some kind of game", I probably mean Pong, but time will tell I guess.

The thing about my CS course is this: the first semester in First Year can be basically slept through if you've done any OO programming before, or if you've done Computing as a school subject beforehand. They teach you the foundations of OO thinking, UML, and basic Java. Not at all too challenging for me. Yet.

I also tried the CoD2 demo and the F.E.A.R. SP demo, both of which run rather nicely on this here lappy of mine. I thought CoD2 was basically identical to the original, it even had an identical main menu as far as I could see. F.E.A.R. was rather good though, although a little dark (I mean literally rather than figuratively, it was hard to see things). Apparently, Quake IV isn't very good (so the rumour mill says - PC Gamer supposedly gave it 70%).

I've also managed to blag a Moderator position over at I usually get to lock a load of flamewars, old threads and edit stuff out, because there are a few too many loudmouthed, immature script kiddies over there. It's rather good fun.

In other news, I've upgraded to Vista. "Yay!", you might say? Not quite, it's just a skin for XP. Here's my desktop as it now stands (it's a 1440x900 17" widescreen, sorry about the oversized nature of the p1ct4r) - hence the 56k warning.

Apart from the ugly red blotch I put on to cover my username, that's exactly how it appears. I think it's beautiful, but I can't decide whether the full version of WindowBlinds, which would give me the proper Vista icons and more control over transparency etc., is really worth the expense.

One other thing: for those of you thinking of applying to University, watch out for Economics. I'm currently committed to the first module I'd signed up for, alongside Computer Science, but I'm going to drop the other one before I start it. Why? Simply because I find the subject to be made up of some completely abstract, bizarre concepts that completely defy both common sense and common logic. When you go out into the street to buy something, or run a business, you just don't think about that sort of thing. What a waste of time, it's boring, stressful, irrelevant and I've learnt absolutely nothing - it makes no sense. Nope, I'm going to drop Economics next semester.

TraderJack said you couldn't post a journal without piccies, so I've given you one. I don't have any other interesting ones to show you, I'm afraid.

Anyways, I'm off for now. Comments are most welcome [smile]!

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That looks great! But could you scale your image so that when I load your journal it isn't to wide? Thanks!

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I actually had the exact opposite opinion of economics. I found it to be the most practical and logic subject I encountered in college.

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